Things get miss-aligned when the project is run


When I run my test project, parts that were previously aligned, move a little. The gif below shows it in action:

The problem occurs both in preview, as well as when exported (tested on
Both parts have the exact X value, stored on a full pixel. Not sure what else might be causing this.

The file with the issue: My Project.wick (30.7 KB)



We’ve been having this problem for a while :frowning:

Because we have two separate renderers (one using paper.js for editing SVGs, and one that uses PIXI.js for faster WebGL-based rendering) there are very small differences between preview play mode and edit mode.

Basically, it’s just a matter of tracking down where things are slightly off - usually there’s some weird 1-pixel offset that has to be added somewhere. So it’s not a hard problem to fix, it’s just very finicky!

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No worries, I can work around it :slight_smile: