Things that might not be bugs, but might also be

  1. when you are in the middle of drawing with the brush and then zoom in and out with the scroll wheel, the brushstroke stays in place and doesn’t go with the canvas
  2. brush size isn’t relative to the canvas when you zoom in and out (if you zoomed out and drew, it would be a thick line when you zoom back in, but if you zoom in all the way and draw and zoom out again, it would be super skinny)
  3. the pencil does strange things when you draw, stop, zoom to a different size, and continue the same line
  4. when you erase while zooming, the eraser size stays relative to the canvas, but the outline of where the eraser is erasing stays the same and isn’t relative to the canvas

to fix all of these, i think you should make them act the same, preferably give it the same mechanic as the brush where the size won’t change when you zoom before drawing and they stay the same, but with the brushstroke not being relative to the canvas WHILE drawing should change completely.

i know i am a terrible explainer, but if you don’t understand this, just try it yourself. with the scroll zooming, use the brush, pencil, and eraser while drawing and in between drawing different lines.