Third Person Point and Click?

I’m interested in making a point and click adventure in Wick Editor. Something along the lines of one of the LucasArts adventure games. The only problem is I’m still so new to programming that i’m still in my “go to and play” era. I was wondering if anyone could help me out or maybe there’s an engine that does what I want?

Many thanks to whoever’s willing! ^.^

you can use “Make Button” to very quickly make stuff happen when you click on something. inside the “Mouseclick” script you can tell it to go to a certain frame.

in the screenshots i’m using a rectangle, but obviously you can make something like a house and make the door a button, to which you will switch to a different frame with the inside of that house.

this is about as much as you will need for a point-and-click. you seem to mention gotoAndPlay() but if i’m interpreting your question correctly, gotoAndStop() should be what you want—but let us know if you need other help!

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This is all stuff that I knew, but also about all that I know! I wanna know how to make it so that when you click somewhere, a character walks there, and has an animation while walking.

you can take a look at the project i put below: when you click on the box it does a brief animation until freezing again at a different frame.

the frames that will have button options have stop(); in them to freeze the project.

the animated frame is animated so that it’s easier to go to that frame, instead of using a number which may change frequently. in the rectangle button, there is text to gotoAndPlay at the named frame.

when you press the button, it will play the animation and then freeze at your desired location. so in your case:

let’s say you have a character and a door, which is a button. you click the door and then an animation of the character walking plays, then it freezes once it reaches the next still frame.

here’s the project i put together:
point and click with animations11-3-2023_15-37-20.wick (2.7 KB)

I also more or less knew how to do something similar to this. I meant more like… dynamically going to wherever you clicked when you click. Like in a LucasArts adventure game. Walking around an environment, not to a premeditated location like a Humongous Entertainment game.

ah, i see. I don’t have time to make a project right now, but i can give you a rough outline for how to make a character move to where the mouse clicks.

  • set 2 variables, project.characterX and project.characterY, to some default values
  • create a clip for the character that will move (i’ll call it char)
  • when the mouse clicks, update those 2 variables
  • every frame, walk the character toward those 2 values
    • set char.x closer to project.characterX
    • set char.y closer to project.characterY
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Oh… a point and click adventure game?
Since Wick Editor is JavaScript, you should try learning that first.