Tim travel animation collab

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    tim travel

  3. Time Frame: When is this collaboration being held? When do submissions end? Make sure
    september 14th 2021 - january 20th 2022

  4. Submission Requirements: What does someone need to submit to join your collab? When do they need to submit by?
    this is a collab for a animated youtube seres called tim travel

  5. Project Requirements: What are the specs that submitted projects should be in? Should users submit their .wick file, an .mp4, or another type of file?
    wick file

  6. Project Leads: Who is leading this project? Is there a team?

I have the intro My Project9-14-2021_12-57-16.wick

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for whoever wants to join just pick what you want to do here

for the story artists here is the doc do not mess with it please https://docs.google.com/document/d/1THedr0y-WO1bXosJco82_foLY-L1hlUw9u1UTctGNvM/edit

the dock is also for the animators to use for animating

  • animator
  • story artist
  • voice actor

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new poll

so I decided to come back an ill do some voice acting soon

if anyone wants to join then do the poll please

Hey, so what are we doing for this collab?

I will do some things soon, you will have to wait a bit

can i join?

im waiting til maybe sometime in summer

ok then (EE)