Timer code

Do you have ways for a timer? I need a timer.

You can use the search topic to find the answers also, here’s a topic with a timer example Can someone tell me how to make a timer?

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Thanks :grin::grin:l

Alternatively, you can create an object and depending on the project’s frame rate (for example 60 fps is a second). And on that clip (let’s call it clipA) i’ll make 60 frames and make it play in a loop. Now on clipB, I wan’t it to do something each second…
On clipB Update script:
if (clipA.currentFrameNumber===60) {
// do something
The code literally means, if clipA’s frame number reaches 60 which is a second due to our fps set to 60, clipB will do something…

setTimout freezes everything (at least for me) when I use it… It’s probably because it’s intended for the whole window and not specifically for each clip/object

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