Top-Down Fighting Game!

I’ve started work on a top-down fighter!

The controls (not all buttons do something yet):


  • Z - main attack
  • X - secondary
  • C - character-specific
  • WASD movement


  • N - Main
  • M - Secondary
  • Comma - character-specific
  • Arrow-keys movement

The only thing that actually does anything though is player 1, and there’s only movement and main attack right now.

topDownFight8-23-2023_11-43-38.wick (5.9 KB)

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That’s a pretty good start, the toughest part to code is usually the collision system and you seem to already have that work for one of the players, if you work on this daily you’ll probably be able to make something amazing in no time :+1:

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funny fighters replacement, they arent even related ;/

New version:
topDownFight8-28-2023_12-50-42.wick (26.5 KB)

Poll: What should I work on next?

  • Menus and UI
  • More Characters
  • Maps
  • Visual and Animation

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  • Character 1 can roll
  • New character with 3 attacks
  • Animation for player 1
  • Damage system (nothing happens at 0 HP right now though)

oh cool horyae