Top-Down Level Maker!

The goal of this collab is to make a top-down, grid-based level maker with a save / load system.
There is no timeframe, just when it’s finished.

To join the collab, you must select a job:

  • Main Engine Code
  • Custom Tile Code
  • Sound/Music
  • Art/Animation
  • Level Creation

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File types
  • Engine/Tile code - .wick
  • Sound/Music - .mp3, .wav, or any other audio file type compatible with Wick
  • Animation - .wick
  • Art - .wick or, if made with an external software, any image file type compatible with Wick

Project Lead: @Donut (me)

TopDownBuilder12-3-2022_20-06-48.wick (36.8 KB)

Instructions for Custom Tiles
  1. Add a frame to
Extra things about the project
  • With the way it’s done, the tile placement can be used at any size, although it hasn’t been implemented for the actually building of the game
  • This is the second time I’ve tried to make a level maker in Wick
  • The character you play as is named Hyullop.
  • Because diagonal sliding on ice just didn’t seem right, moving diagonally into ice will prefer horizontal sliding to vertical.
  • I literally came up with the name Hyullop while writing this