Trying to clone Clip B inside Clip A from the root timeline causes Clip A to disappear (+ button bug)


I have a Clip called Key that is inside a Clip called Menu. I’m trying to clone Key several times. Before, I had Key on the root timeline, and cloning it was successful. But since I put Key inside one of Menu’s frames, trying to clone it from the main timeline no longer works.

var clone = Menu.Key.clone();

When this runs, it now causes Menu to disappear. I have an example file with all this stuff in it. The code that causes the bug is in generateKeys() on frame 2 of the main timeline.
BugReport_Cloning.wick (438.2 KB)

When I commented out that code, I also noticed that although my buttons were working properly, they were acting a little funny:

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Don’t mean to be a bother, but what do you use
to screen record?



Oh, no problem! I use ScreenToGIF.

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Ah, tysm! :smile:
I always wondered how everyone posted those.