Trying to export a file - it won't budge

Hi Luca (or anyone else who can help):
I can’t export this file for love or money - even the test version won’t do it.
What am I doing wrong?
(Cross-posted to the “bug” section, since I’m not sure what category it belongs in)

Abduction5-10-2020_10-54-22PM.wick (595.9 KB)

I was able to export it as a .mp4 but couldn’t upload it here, so I made it a .html file, you can screen record it to make it a .mp4, hope :crossed_fingers: this file would help:

Abduction.html (2.7 MB)

Just responed in the other thread. I don’t believe that you are doing anything wrong. There may be an issue with the video exporter that only occurs in specific circumstances. Check the other thread and we can chat there!