Tutorial request


Hello, I’d like to ask for a Wick Editor FULL tutorial video, with a tutorial on every single tool there is on the program. That would be really helpful. Hope It’s not a too big request!



I’ll be looking to put together some more tutorial videos soon! I will post here once I put them together. Look out for the first tutorial releasing toward mid-late January!


Hey @Hanga_H, I just made my first new tutorial (With many more to come).

What do you think about it?


new name for the wick ghost?


@Ram_S_45 Their name is “Flashy” :slight_smile:


I know I already asked this on the youtube channel, but I’m having trouble with audio.Are you able to make a tutorial on the audio? @Luxapodular


@WalkerAnimatesWeekly, sorry it’s taking me so long. We’ve had quite a bit going on this week!


Don’t worry, I know how it feels…


@WalkerAnimatesWeekly I was about to work on the sound tutorial and realized that there are A BUNCH of bugs with sound. I’m going to try and fix those to get the tutorial out tomorrow.


@Luxapodular Are you able to make a tutorial on clips?I don’t fully understand how to use them.


@WalkerAnimatesWeekly yep, it’s on my list of tutorials to make!