Tween easing bug


nothing seems to happen when you add an easing type. it just seems kinda flat no matter what. i tried using in, out, and in-out, and nothing seemed to really make a difference.



Hey @awc95014,

Easing types seem to work for me, could you share a snapshot of your timeline, a gif, or your project so I can take a look?



shoot, it’s in a .mov. sorry, i’ll try to find a way to do this



You could upload a .mov to youtube and send a link!



i’m not an uploading master, but i gave it a shot

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Thanks for the upload! This actually looks like tweens are working correctly in this case! (but it does reveal a pretty big flaw in our interface we need to address, which we’ll look into during our timeline update)

Tweens have 3 major rules:

  1. Tweens can only effect clips
  2. Tweens can only effect the space between two tweens.
  3. Tweens can only effect the space in front of them.

So, to get this animation to do an “ease-in” transition, a transition must be on the first tween. We think of this as a tween “applying” it’s transformation to the animation in front of it.

Now, this is not self explanatory, so we’ll be adding in some visual queues that should make this way easier to follow.

Let me know if this helps!



ohhhhhhhhhh, ok. thanks!