unnamed card game

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unnamed card game

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I had an idea to make an online card game

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may/6/2021 - august/31/2021

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just help out if you can

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pls send wick files.

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a list of things we need to do is

  1. discuss cards and make designs (I have the bacic card.)
  2. make a prototype battle system
  3. polish things
  4. make it online

we will come up with more along the way.

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here is the card design we need some ideas for cards

I already made a dagger, sheild, and flaming dagger bit I need more
heres a google doc for refrence on types of cards (the doc is for both online game and the irl game.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EOpsKac4epuT0Tv3_GKnSPrl8hBaWy_dG35CaNkQu8/edit?usp=sharing

A card game sounds interesting

How will this game work though? Is it gonna be like
pokemon cards? Or will it have a different system?

look at the doc you bacicaly get 4 “stamana points” to use on tour turn and each card uses a certain amount of stamana points and when you have no stamana points your turn ends. also I was thinking of making a icon maker / pfp maker for the game too scence im planning to make it online

here is what it will look like My Project5-6-2021_13-21-38.wick we just need to get it to work

what should we call it btw

ill be back soon i hope we can make this work

The card base looks good

Yep, I can help you program that after we have some card ideas and types of actions that can be done

so lets start thinking about card ideas

we need a REVERSE CARD

please . . . . . no

If this card game is going to have a damage/ health system, then maybe we can add in a “healing” card (?)

thats the campfire cards you can use them to heal or upgrade

the upgrade part will be only for the online game i am also making a irl game

the diffrent cards will be the same between them.

I have a card prototype My Project9-11-2021_11-33-17.wick I cant get it to remove mana when you click a card