Unsuable at 450+ frames

its generally alreay laggy for me, making the preview audio not sync with visuals. but once i get around 450 frames, its essentially unusable

its definitly not my machine, as when using other tabs alongside wick, they arent laggy at all

this forces me to split my film into small chunks and frequently rage
any fix?

how many layers do you use and, what do u animate on (device)

5 layers, two used for sound

dell laptop, witch is positioned directly next to the router

i think wick generally just struggles at that many frames. people have split projects before to get around it (which is definitely inconvenient) but it works out usually. so this is probably the best solution.

wifi should not be a problem since wick is usable offline (besides the interface icons unloading at some point). computer speed could be a problem but as you said, you have used other tabs at the same time with no problem.

i get to 2 thousand frames, and only lags on my fr laptop instead of school leptop, only previewing it make it lag the most

I wouldent have a problem with splitting into chunks but its just the preview lag makes it so difficult to animate over sound