Updating the Wick Editor "Getting Started" Tutorial


Hey Everyone,

I’m working on creating an updated version of the Wick Editor Getting Started tutorial. (Here’s the old one for reference).

What do you think should be covered in the tutorial?

I’m currently thinking of

  • Creating Frames
  • Dragging in Assets
  • Working with the toolbar (Creating text, drawing and a shape for now)
  • Onion Skinning
  • Adding (REALLY BASIC) code to an object

What other major elements do you think need to be in the video?
How long should the video be? (I’m thinking 3-5 minutes)


I think your ideas are good, but you should make 2 videos, one which is about the basics, and another for more complicated things, like the code.


Also show how to export and put on your website.


@KingOfCoders Yeah a sharing tutorial is definitely going to be important. In addition to hosting a project on a personal website, are there any other sites you think we should show how to upload an HTML project to? (like newgrounds.com or itch.io)


Newgrounds and Itch are good.