Upload your cool animations here

hey im sorry i havnt been active recently because this happened IRLim a freshman in A.N.M5-15-2023_14-29-21.wick (30.3 KB)


i could make a gif once or twice a week for a 1 month.

are you a new animator?

or with a mouse

Kinda I have animated on flipaclip

I use the mousepad

good for a mousepad

I like how you lip synced ur voice with the animation…howd u do it?

Ahh I made this one for ArtFight :)


i drew some assets of lips in wick and then did crtl+e which make them into a downloadable clip and now I use them all the time to lip sync if u want them I can give them to u

everyone remember to not litter and remember this quote

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be green and stay clean it didnt show up on the screen

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Something I’m working on…I achieved the 360 scope somehow… a lot of tweening!


chomp chomp![worm chomp6-3-2023_15-06-18|690x460](upload://hZTiUsqDSGRwrmQTHU

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new animation with my rhg headless


The story is really good


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