Using a clip

Hi all,
I’m very new to Wick Editor. I was wondering how to make a clip work. For example, I onion-skinned a little guy walking in place. I clicked the “make a clip” button beforehand, and just to be sure, clicked it after. Now I’m wondering how to import it into another file on a separate layer and tween the little guy so that he’s also moving across the screen. Is this possible?

Hi @ProfoundlyAverage, it is possible on Adobe animate but I don’t think it is possible on wick editor because of all the code it needs to make it work.

What is the clip function for, then? I don’t know how it’s used.

It’s for grouping things and tweening those groups or using them in code as a single object. They have their own timeline so you can manipulate their own timeline in code. Things like that.

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oh now i see

@ProfoundlyAverage, I put together a tweening tutorial a while back. Let me know if this helps!

HI, I saw the tweening tutorial, but don’t know how to make it work for this.
What steps do you take to create a clip, and how do you use it? (Or, which tutorial is it in?)

Also, can I upload an mp4 I made, to show you what I mean?

So to create a clip, I posted these steps in the other thread! Let me know if these help.

  1. draw a placeholder
  2. Convert that placeholder to a clip.
  3. Copy the frames of the animation
  4. Edit the clip’s timeline (Double click on it, or use the button on the side)
  5. Then, paste the frames into the object’s timeline.
  6. delete the placeholder

Ah, I think I need to see a video…shoot! I’m not sure how to copy and paste frames. Do you mean to copy and paste the images you’ve drawn for each frame? Can you copy and paste a bunch of frames at one? Also, I don’t know what you mean by editing the clip’s timeline…
I created one file with a background, then created a separate file with a walking person. I copied and pasted each separate image from the walking person file into the background picture file, advancing it a little each time, but it took over an hour to do. I’m not sure how to use the clip function to make it any faster :frowning: