Vcam Trouble

In the wick editor app on my computer When I try to upload a vcam it doesn’t.can anyone help

@Incognito I’ve tried to get the vcam on the wick app before too, and it does not work. I think you should try to upload it on the web version, save the .wick file, and open it on the app. It might work. If it doesn’t, then just use the web version.

K Extra words ):

Sadly doesn’t seem to be there on the wick app…

You can download the wickobj file though. In the online editor, add the vcam to your project, then select the vcam clip and click ctrl + e to export it into a wickobj file. Next, you can drag and drop the wickobj file inside of the app to bring the vcam there.

It’s a longer process, but probably the only workaround atm.

Thanks (:l