Video import next update please?

Can the next update of wick editor please have video imports in it? It would make wick editor 10 times better. Because I’m just trying to import a mov file.

I think it works it just has a lot of bugs and some file types don’t work

in wick’s current state i don’t think this is very feasible. a video/gif is basically just a bunch of images strung together, and videos have a lot of frames. this would basically involve importing a crazy amount of images.

i think gifs either do work or did work at some point though. you can try uploading a gif and seeing if it works. if it does, you can theoretically convert the video to a gif and then import it.

I had tried that a while back. Wick imports gif but they have to be a certain size. So you could take your video and separate it into different segments and convert each clip to a a gif, so on and so forth.

I know you can import videos and gifs in adobe animate, whereas wick only supports gif.

You could turn the mov into seperate gifs and import them to wick. But that’s kinda the only way since Wick hasn’t been updated in 3? 4 years?

Yeah, I guess that works

Okay, Thanks for responding and explaining a way to somewhat make it work! :D

it’s not like we can just make a pull request with the feature. nobody’s looking at the repo, making wick obsolete.
tl;dr, just use opentoonz