W3schools tutorial

So, I’ve been trying out wick, and stuff, and since i need javascript to use wick.
How much of this tutorial will I need, and how much of it won’t be necessary??.

I’ll suggest learn full. That will help more.

W3Schools provide tutorials for javascript, so they have a lot of great tutorials…
If you’re new to javascript, however, I’d recommend going through a path like this one:
Variables and Let
Data Types
if & else

These tutorials will just help introduce javascript. The other tutorials are still recommended.

Though I’d like to add that there are other ways to learn programming in wick, here are some channels with great tutorials:

You can also learn from the community by asking questions and checking out what people post here.
There’s also a search bar you can use to make things easier, as well as a #demos-and-tutorials category.

You can learn some more coding here (simple examples included):

And almost everything you need to know about Wick (the wick editor and the wick forums) have been organized in this post by @awc95014 :

Yes, wick does use javascript, but it also has a lot of built in functions that you won’t be expected to find in w3schools, and could serve you great assistance with creating something in the editor, so I’d recommend checking out some of the other methods I listed as well.

I think thats about everything, good luck with your journey!


Hi @pineappleoak67,
it is not true that you need JS to work with wick. If you are doing drawn animations, you might not even see a single line of code. If you want to program a game, that is different :slight_smile:

Happy programming!




yeah that’s literally what i asked, about programming. Or do i really not need js for programming. Ok now I’m confuzzed.

What do you want to do with wick? If all you want to do is animation, you probably won’t need programming. But if you want to make games and interactive files, you need programming.

I want to program

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Wick can be used to make, for instance, stickfigure-animations. No programming is needed, in that case. If you want to program games, then, obviously, you need to program :slight_smile:
The links @Hamzah_Al_Ani gave you should be a good start!
Happy programming! It can be both rewarding and frustrating :sunglasses:
With wick and this forum, you have a good place to start!