Walking assets

hello im gonna post here asses you can copy and paste in wick editor to make you characters move around

walking (paste this in keydown) yes you can use some built in assets in the editor
but you can edit theese

if (key=== “up”) {
this.y -=10;
this.rotation = 0;
}if (key=== “down”) {
this.y +=10;
this.rotation = 180;
}if (key=== “left”) {
this.x -=10;
this.rotation = -90;
}if (key=== “right”) {
this.x +=10;
this.rotation = 90;


I’m sure your code’s are appreciated and everyone would benefit from them, thanks @slimebor for sharing them on WE’s forums!

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big thank you

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Are you going to do a walk cycle? with lower and upper legs? I have tried and failed to get this to work.
Looking forward to seeing your work, @slimebor

Thanks @slimebor I just used this for an experiment! @Greg to do a walk cycle I used this.gotoAndStop instead of this.rotation to jump to a different frame, and then on each frame there’s a clip which has a walk cycle
AnimatedWalking5-19-2020_7-50-24AM.wick (83.4 KB)


Many thanks @nick. That looks really great!! You got it walking correctly. I can use that.

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character in my game is a cube so he won’t have legs

that’s perfect

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