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can’t upload systematix either, too big to fit
also made a transparent bg of the icon!

Ok then I’ll just download the .wick file from the google site for Systematix

wait no dont, there’s a beta version of a new build, you’re downloading an old version
heres the new one https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkZvORV0sp9glD3mvqzuIXnWj6_c?e=b6ZBeh
@BSA_15 if you add it manually do it from frames 382-385, i’ll do the desktop icons myself.
octo2-10-2021_10-50-10.wick (65.7 KB) heres a grammar-fixed OctoBrowse too!

Latest version:
OctoBrowse1.6.wick (71.9 KB)

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Yeah, at this point systematix is just spaghetti frames. Oh and nice! Do you think you can walk me through how to add octobrowse to systematix step-by-step sometime later?


@BSA_15 is now a good time?

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Alright, step 1.
PS What is octoscript?

Im so dumb that I leaked my own top secret project

hah lol
it happens ;-;
even then i suck at code so i wouldn’t even be able to, since i didn’t know what it is i just scrapped it on my end.

step 1 is to import the icon and drag it into the project

That’s done!

Next step is to make the icon a clip and also make the icon in the clip a button

Ok, i might need a bit to do the icon rollout everywhere, though i might hold off for now, it’s a button!

3rd step is to click the clip that has the button of the image and click the button of the image and go to the code for the button and type this in mouseclick: Gotoandstop(2) and then make a new frame

hold on, i know how to script buttons, it’s just getting in the actual usable app.
Please dont tell me i have to start from scratch

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Step 4 make a new tab in chrome and goto wickeditor.com/editor and open the latest file of octobrowse next you have to back to the tab that has systematix in wick open and make a new clip in the frame you just made in step 3 and paste in the layer from octobrowse and then go back to octobrowse and paste the rest of the layers into the clip

due to unloading not working, it’s kinda wack but i can open in 1.19.0 and see if it works

now it tosses this up @BSA_15 no sites can open