Weird behaviour in Wick editor

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Has this bug been reported already?

Describe the bug

let c = [{"placeHolder":"storing","tagName":"K24Storing"},{"placeHolder":"start","tagName":"K24Start"}];
for (let idx in c){

Console output:

To Reproduce
Run the code in Wick editor script engine. Note that the Wick runtime somehow creates a 3rd element “max” in the array that should have 2 elements in it.

Expected behavior
Console output:

(this is confirmed by trying this code in the Try-it editor of W3Schools)

*Computer Information

  • OS: WIn 10
  • Device Type: Laptop
  • Browser: Chrome

Do you have a suggested solution to this issue? (ex. has another program fixed this bug a certain way? Are you familiar with where in the code base someone would need to fix this issue?)
Work around: use “normal” for loop.

pretty weird as c.length is 2

Forgot to mention that, but yes, you’re right, it’s 2!

This is probably a side effect of one of the libraries Wick Editor uses. And besides it’s generally a bad idea to use a for ... in loop to iterate through an array. You should use a normal for loop or a for ... of loop.

Thanks ph,
Using a normal for loop now.