Weird glitch-out bug


i have this simulator i’m trying to make, and when i press play it’s fine, but after i press pause the screen becomes completely white, but i can still reload and go back and whatever without having my computer having a seizure. i feel like this has to do with how many iterations it goes through, and when it stops, it can’t handle it for some reason. glitchOutBug.wick (1.8 KB)

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I came across this glitch as well, and I have no idea what causes it. :thinking:
What “fixed” it, was deleting a specific path I had within my project.
I don’t remember if the path was turned into a clip, or if it was even running any code,
but every time the project was run it would do the white screen thing.
Might as well post mine too.
oddWickBug.wick (7.1 KB)



Hey @awc95014 and @colorsCrimsonTears,

I’ve found the issue. At the moment, you are unable to create objects which have the name “platform”. This is due to the way .wick files are generated. We’ll have a fix out for this on the test branch soon.

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Ahh, so that was the issue!
I was scratching my head wondering what went wrong. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the assistance!

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wait so the way i see this is that you can name a clip anything except platform… okay, um, thanks for letting me know. (am i correct about how i see the problem?)