What game should I remake

I am bored and I wanna make something but I dont know what

You need to learn more so you can do better things. Invest your energies in learning. Learn more JS, or drawings techniques.

I recommend taking a look at something that inspires you and create a project within that area.
You don’t have to create the new Mona Lisa or anything that complex, keep it simple and add more as you go on to the future :)


i don’t mean to be rude, but last time i suggested that you make a runner game, you showed a game with a ton of bugs. restarting the game means constantly pressing the up arrow untill you get out of the previous game’s obstacle, and jumping doesn’t even work half the time. so i suggest you start by making that game work well.

if you don’t know how to, go simpler and build your way up. you did pretty well on the clicker game, so maybe make a more advanced version, or try something between a clicker game and a runner game.

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Help me remake thera

I know this is besides the topic’s topic but…
Mr Thunder, you do know you can’t simply say I name of your game with out giving us any links to files or other info on what you would like remake?
One cannot ask people to do “a thing” without telling them what it is, can they?

Oh yeah sorry lol I’m stupid haha alright -https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L_rSSOFRviE&t=26s watch some of the other content to if your into it

sorry I cant do certain youtube videos

he means the game, not the video

No I mean like remake the game entirely but you don’t have to

I dont know what that is tho

Nevermind lol :laughing: