What if we make a shadowboxing game

the title explains it

do you guys know what that is?

Yep, this guy’s definitely in middle.

lol, is that just a middle school thing?

wtf why have I never known that’s what that’s called

i know about it, but my school banned it lol

do you mean like actual shadowboxing or that thing where you gotta look in a direction and the other guy points in a direction or whatever they do idk

I’m in high school and it’s still a thing

its the game where if someone points n a direction like left, you have the fact the other direction but uf you dont they get another turn

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we should make this a reality

whats a shadowboxing game
im a sophomore which makes me an old man
also hi its me theman17 im back

u dont know what shadowboxing is?

no clue bro

ask friends at school, they might know (its a school thing, mostly middle school)

oh well im in high school

im a boomer

wick veteran since 2019 :)


oke to1n woersa

I started wick around some time between late 2019 to early 2020

same. im a junior

yooo cool
im only a grade lower