Whats your best animation/game

Sure! :+1: ( Sorry for the late response )

If you want we can team up! I always wanted to create a Puzzle game. + My Skills did improve a bit
( Would be my last thing though (Check my Bio ))

thanks :smiley:

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I wouldn’t call myself the best codeder I just know the simple things like go to and stop.

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THE IDIOT TEST 25-11-2023_13-35-58 (1).html (3.6 MB) idiot test 2 I made the first one on upload your games here frourn

I made this a few years back as a cute short. https://romulex.itch.io/friend-game

cool! I like it!!

and btw welcome to the wick forums!

the best thing i made would either be Flappy Bird10-31-2023_22-37-50.html (2.1 MB) or https://youtu.be/_eet3liB9PA?feature=shared

my best animation currently is probably this 1s and 2s animation thing i made
im pretty new and only really started about a week ago
also i cant send video file because im new :[

you cannot send videos in wick forums unless its on youtube with a link
but you can send gifs

umm the start part i rlly dont get that

umm do you want to team up on thsi we can add like a bunch of other elements such as the shop plus you might want to decrease the speed it falls down and we could like a new like fast beat umm music track at the end of each level

i lost the 1s and 2s thing so heres this other thing i made

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culuc that one gd guy