When will the first test build of 1.20 come out

@Luxapodular Just a question. Also, will we have the ability to import our own fonts and also have some more in the builtin font picker? I’ve noticed the absence of some nice fonts, like Segoe (yes i know that’s more of a microsoft-y font not used in the google font library) Just a question besides when 1.20 will release to the testing site

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well there still working on it its beta

When will they release it on wickeditor.com/test ?

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its not done yet it might come sometime in feb or march

ok gotta go to school oof

1.20 Will most likely have a test release some time in the next few weeks. I’m working on a few major changes that will require quite a bit of internal engine work so that is pretty likely to change!

Wick team's 1.20 development goals

The progress on 1.20 can be found (somewhere) on github

The update is more likely a big one, and Wick has been releasing updates quickly in the past, so I think they should take their time

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when will it come out of beta

You can add your own fonts by changing the file file format to .ttf
It works perfectly for me
example: image

the left one is the edited version the right one is the old version of the font


when will the full release come out is it 1.20