When will the wick editor app come for pc

Hi i am new here in the forum have been using wick in my browser for atleast 3 months now i wanted to download it in my pc it still only has a beta version. Just curious to know when will the offical app come thats not in beta

what it meant by that is it is new and may have some bugs and other stuff and glitches

On May 23rd (3 months ago), the editor was transferred to Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). After this shift it is expected that there be a delay in development until the new owners get the hang of the editor. I cannot guarantee that the app will get updated anytime soon, however, now that college and schools are starting soon it is likely that the editor will gain more attention.

Until then, if you expierence any issues with the beta version I highly recommend using the online editor.

wait wick editor was sold or was it transferd with the same team to the university

oh thanks for answering :)

I think Wick Editor is now within the hands of a new team. It wasn’t “sold,” more like “gifted,” as @etcanthony mentions here:

(This change was announced in this thread)

just one more question it has the open source license which means like anyone can remake wick editor right ?

That’s correct, Wick Editor has the open source license.
All the files could be found on github over here!

The code is publicly accessible, so anyone interested is able to examine and modify it as they see fit.