Where's the downloadable editor?

the 2nd bullet says there’s a downloadable editor, so where is it?

this is on test.wickeditor.com by the way

Ah, The downloadable editor has hit a snag. We were planning on releasing at least a test last week, but there were some restrictions on safely developing it, that will make it not open on certain Windows and Mac distributions.

We are still working on it, (and have even received some financial support to do so!), but it will take another few weeks :frowning:. We’ll be releasing it during the 1.17 cycle though!

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will the downloadable editor be able to come on chrome os as an offline extension on the chrome web store, or what not? ex. a play store app

Chrome can turn tabs into “Chrome apps” if you want which is what the forum did I think. I’m kinda hoping for an app downloadable on the official website. I don’t have a play store account or things like that, but I am a mac boi, so app store won’t hurt that much.