Which project should I make?

I have a choice to make.

I have 3 projects, and I want to make all of them, but I cannot decide which to pursue.

Option 1: Continue “The Wall” - Animation
The Wall is the animation project that I started, where the community chooses what will happen in each episode. In the project, a stickman is trying to break through a brick wall and fails each episode.

Option 2: “Monsters and Machinery” - RPG
Monsters and Machinery is a card game similar to Pokémon cards that I made. It features over 100 unique cards, so if I pursue this, it will take a while. My plan for this is to translate it into a game that’s basically just a Pokémon game.

Option 3: “Melon Mines” - Roguelike
Melon Mines will be a Roguelike game where you play as “Melon Man” (name not final) and traverse a giant underground facility. I have made a small demo for the game so far, as well as some concept art that I will post later in a reply to prevent this post from being too long
RogueLikeMovement10-21-2022_11-48-26.wick (65.8 KB)

Vote here:

  • Option 1: The Wall
  • Option 2: Monsters and Machinery
  • Option 3: Melon Mines

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Melon man’s design:

someone called?

it’s a joke

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The first poll will close tomorrow

I have made newdemo, now with a (somewhat) functional inventory,
custom cursor, new weapon, and more
Melon Mines10-24-2022_12-33-21.wick (142.1 KB)

maybe make the sword swing faster

Tiebreaker round:

  • Option 1: The Wall
  • Option 3: Melon Mines

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Option 3: Melon Mines wins the vote! I will now make a “Show Your Work” post