Who can help me making a game with physics : soccerball

Hello, I would like to make a game with scoccerball, that can jump to the walls …

any idea how to do? an example is made in scratch… but I want it in wickeditor, thx

Karel (teacher ict to kids)

it’s a nice game that should be easily made in wickeditor
if you are new to wickeditor i strongly suggest to you to follow the tutorials

and if you are new to js

if you already started programming the game and have specific questions feel free to ask

Thanks but the problem is when “open” loading the file I can’t see anything appearing… do you know why?
I can see layers but not scripts and objects…
thx to help

difficult to tell
share the file and I’ll look into it

the link of the file is under the video on youtube https://youtu.be/L4N63Wq6Xu4 and this is the filelink https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mSz3CwfbZ2UJbRsHG8yCXhBwwBQlRjt4/view
bdcause it should work the same way… to bounce…

your project has elements in library (ball, net, paddle… ) but none of them in the stage area
you also have 3 empty layers of animation (no clips, no graphics and also no scripts)
I suggest to have a look at

to get more used to wick interface