Whoever wants to make a storytime animation

Hi, it’s me. Oh, right, you don’t know me cuz im new. But if you love storytime animations and you want to learn how to do it yourself, you came to the right place. THE WICK EDITOR FORUMS!!! First off, come up with a character or avatar that You want to draw. My style is similar to pencilmation.

Make it simple and easy to draw. Don’t push yourself. PRO TIP: When you draw your character, don’t draw the mouth. Copy and paste the frame and add it on a different frame. Watch this video if you need help. Plus, You only need two layers.
Speed Animating a Storytime Animation! (Tutorial)
As you can see in the video, I added a little bounce effect whenever the character switches to the next pose. Almost like TheOdd1sOut.
Here’s an animation I previously made, and feel free to use it for reference.
Please comment below if you have any questions, and I will gladly answer them. Thank You!

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it sais access to the animation you made was denied.

sorry about that, the animation appeared to be a video link instead of a drive link. here is the video.
The Animation
Please tell me if you have problems watching the tutorial.

I dont have access. did you set it so that anyone with the link can see it

Yes, same here. I do not have access.

Nice! I like how the character is simple! I also just joined lol


welcome @Catking

i am very sorry everyone. instead, would you like to collab with me in an object show i am making? it’s called electronics escape. a laptop, a phone, and an airpod case want to get to a mansion, but they must complete 10 challenges given to them by creeper king in order to do so.

i have also made a small storytime animation I dont know if it is going to be called a storytime animation but anyways here it is

Cool, I like it

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You’re welcome

i have returned

what do you mean ?

I’m Stephen Barbaro. The account that made this post is my old account.

oh ok and btw I cant open the chores and speed animating video

Yes, that’s because my old account is connected to my old school email, and because I recently moved, the email account has been deactivated, therefore deleting everything having to do with the account. But no worries, ill create a new video and put it on Youtube so anyone can access it.

can you pls rate my storytime animation thingy

sure thing! could you send me a .wick file? gifs have no sound and videos cant be embedded in the forum.