Who's good on Math?

Who’s good on Math? Try this new game and share your highest score!!!

MathBallons5-16-2023_21-16-28.html (2.2 MB)


  • Keys from 0 to 9
  • BACKSPACE (delete on MAC)

eventually had to leave, but this game’s kinda nice :slight_smile:

maybe along with adding more balloons the speed could increase so that you would have less time to get the problems right. maybe if you got a question wrong the spikes would lower a little bit to make wrong answers more penalizing.


Nice! Now – time to get a bit competitive!
Let’s see who could beat my score: 159,600

First person to beat it gets this free cookie: :cookie:

small suggestion

Currently, when you get the answer wrong I noticed that your score goes down by a bit, but when you’re so focused on the balloons it’s hard to tell. I only noticed halfway through. So I’d like to suggest adding something red – maybe a red “-25” text appears or the score turns red or something along these lines- to emphasize on the fact that your score was lowered. Just the idea of being told “you got that wrong” in a more alarming way- I feel like it’s these types of small effects that could make the greatest difference.

I’ve also noticed that if you type nothing and click enter or return it’ll work the same way as entering a 0.

I agree with this. I feel like this game’s a bit too easy, and this could definitely make it more challenging!

Maybe you could allow the users to set the difficulty level with this being one of the options, along with the options to:

  • Turn on/ off multiplication, subtraction, addition, division
  • Set range of numbers that will be displayed in equations
  • Set a points goal (along with a progress bar)
  • Adjust speed of balloons (varies based on what type of balloon it is)

Thank you @Hamzah_Al_Ani. Ill keep all these suggestions in mind. Im not developing this game right now. The real reason for this prototype game to exist is becuase someone from Spain asked me to do a tutorial about a math game. This is what came from it. I havent finish the video, hopefully next week. Now, All my family loved the concept, and I think that I can develop a great game with this concept. Ill see.


Oh no. Ask me to find the definite integral of a function or to find the side lengths of contiguous triangles, but please don’t ask me to do 9+7 in my head without the use of fingers.

(well, after some thinking, 9+7=9+9-2=9*2-2=18-2=16.)


Haha, in terms of counting with fingers. Now in all seriousness, Im not that quick in simple math operations. Not sure how @Hamzah_Al_Ani got that record. He is probably a genious :raised_hands:

Also the fps, maybe the game is running at a lower frame rate in his PC, and for that reason is too easy for him :rofl:

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I’ve been practicing bullet chess matches* lately so that might have something to do with it :thinking:
After trying a second time today, I got up to 200k points before quitting.

Oh, nice! I bet the video will be great. Once you share it, I’ll try to recreate this game with a few more tweaks to make it more intense, I might make a calculus version…

* Bullet chess matches: Chess matches with a 1 minute time limit. A bullet chess match lasts for 2 minutes at most.

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We probably should do a collab. Im thinking something dynamic like… you make progress one day or add a feature within a day, and then you post the file. After you post your latest version I add in top of that another feature, while you wait. Something like that. What do you think?


Sounds like a good idea! I finished my exams just yesterday so I should have some time for a collab, count me in :)

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