Why can't we chat?

Why can’t we chat on the Wick Forums? Just asking, I think it would be helpful to try and chat with other people without having to make a post about it. For example, if I’m working on a secret project game that we don’t anyone to know about and I can’t chat, I don’t think the project would go so far, and everything would be spoiled even if I did get help. So if chatting is allowed, can anyone tell me how to chat with other people? Is chatting even a thing on the Wick Forums?

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It was turned off in late 2020, idk why. PMs are a thing in Discourse, the template thta the Wick Edtor Forums use.

moderators cannot look at DM’s, so for the sake of people’s safety/privacy/etc, they disabled them.

well why idk

Okay, but still, I think it’s good that they get it back due to the fact of people not being able to actually get more privacy with their friends and making some secret projects.

between the fact that most friends already have private communication channels and the threat of unwanted unmoderated messages it is better disabled. try discord.

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