Why does this happen?

Untitled_ May 22, 2020 12_48 PM
You see, when I try to move or expand the
rectangle it’s acting funky and doing both
actions . . . it’s the only object that does that,
I’d be guessing it’s because of its 335 frames

Also, is it possible to code an object to be
send to front on the event of a mouseClick?
I need this feature in a puzzle game I am
making, the puzzle pieces are all over the
place and when holding and dragging them,
another piece would always interrupt the

The first one might be a bug where the center of the clip accidentally moves away from the real center (I experienced this bug before), but I simulated it by making a non-buggy version. In my example, the center of the clip (square) is to the left of the hitbox of the square. The center of every object in Wick is shown with a circle where the center is. All the rotations and size changes goes around the center, recreating what you have. (the “center” of the clip can also be offset up or down as well and at the same time) you can go into the timeline of the clip if you want to see what I mean.

My Project5-22-2020_12-26-04PM.wick (1.8 KB)

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@awc95014 I see what you mean!
The origin of the object needs to be
(0, 0), that worked, thanks!