Why does Wick Editor look a bit different

Hey, I have come back to Wick Editor after a few months and I noticed the style isn’t the way I remembered it to be. Is this an update or has it been like this?

Like what?

it’s been like this for 3 years :(

yeahhhhh nothing has changed for a solid few years.

anyway, there are a few versions of wick.

make sure you’re using the same one as before.

by the way, i’d suggest using the test editor (fourth one) over the regular editor (third one). they’re both stable but the test editor has a few tiny fixes (I forgot what they are though)

On my screen, it appears black, not grey.

if you have a different browser you can try that. chromium and firefox browsers should work, so if you’re already using one and have another browser, try that one.

you can also try clearing cache/cookies and hard-refreshing. (if you care about your auto-save, i suggest saving a file before doing any of this, just in case. you might lose it if you don’t)