Wick 0.14.1 Update thread - Sound fixes and more!


Wick version 0.14.1 is live!
This update is mostly fixes for sounds, tweens, and other timeline stuff.

Try these changes at http://wickeditor.com/wick-editor

Sound fixes

  • Fixed sounds playing all the way through even when preview is paused
  • Fixed sounds not playing if preview is started in the middle of a sound
  • Frame sounds can now be chosen in the inspector

Timeline fixes

  • Adding a sound to a frame stretches the frame to fit the sound
  • Fixed keyframes not being automatically added when objects are moved
  • Added copy/paste tweens
  • The timeline is now resizable
  • Made drag handle on layers look better

Misc. fixes

  • Newly added segments to paths are now smoothed when they are created (makes shapes look slightly better)
  • Fixed ‘undefined’ showing up on some tooltip of inspector icons
  • Cleaned up inspector icons and right click menu for tweens

Please post any issues you have with the new update here!



Thank you. Now I can work on animations.