Wick 1.0 OS

This has been taken inspiration from: Windows XP, Windows 98 & 95, and Kina OS

Here is the download file
Wick OS 1.0 (3.9 MB)

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If your wondering where the heck is the games? I was… Too lazy to put it in?

edit: Uhh, ok bad news. I didn’t save the project. image

rip it from the html

Thats the point, I can’t do it

if you want to convert from html to wick (which is what i think you want to do?) you can use this converter made by @Hamzah_Al_Ani

Export HTML to WICK2-24-2022_8-10-53.html (2.1 MB)

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Thank you!, now 2.0 is in the workings. (Obviously i lied so act like this thing isn’t here) I need to borrow some code from this. Again Thank you!

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