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Where can I go to see the complete documentation for
the new Wick editor?
I know the old one had a github repo.



Hey @colorsCrimsonTears, are you referring to the old reference page for the coding system, or development of Wick Editor itself?

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I believe it had both. A reference page for how commands were used, but
it also had more of the inner workings to read through.

This is a link to that repo.

I originally wanted to see it so I could determine
how to tell a parent clip from it’s clones.
The old editor let you use “isClone”, and I was trying to figure out
how to replicate that in the new one.
I’ve since found out how, but would still like to see any new info cause I believe
certain things from the old editor were changed for this one.

Also, the latest update has the editor working better than ever before!
Nice work guys! :slight_smile:

If anyone can point me there it’d be appreciated.
As far as I’ve seen, there’s no place to view what was added, and
what was removed.

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