Wick Editor 1.0.13 - Small sound update (and more)


Hey all!

@Luxapodular and I are finally getting back into dev mode, and have an update for you!

We’ve just finished up some much needed missing features to the timeline, and have added some other improvements from contributors. Thanks contributors!!

  • Sounds are now visualized on frames
  • Sounds played with playSound() can now be looped
  • Code editor now displays line numbers of errors (thanks kryptot7!)
  • Improved onion skin range handles (thanks FlyOrBoom!)
  • Improved add layer button

The next update will focus on fixing some of the major bugs and issues found during the Newgrounds game jam. Stay tuned!



The additions added to manipulating sound work wonderfully!
And the timeline doesn’t bug out and disappear anymore. :smile:
Thanks for the update guys!

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Line numbers in error log :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:
Thank you @zrispo @kryptot7
Will there be a which clip/button, which script indication as well?