Wick Editor 1.16 prerelease #2 - HTML Export, .wickobj export


Hello everyone!

Here is another sneak peek of the upcoming 1.16 update. There are some cool new features and bugfixes, as well as the highly requested single-page HTML export option.


  • HTML Export - export your project as a single HTML file that can be opened in any brower
  • Clips can now be imported/exported as .wickobj files
  • Customizable “gap fill amount” option for the fill bucket tool

Try out this prerelease at test.wickeditor.com.

Enjoy, and be sure to post any issues you have here!


Html export

How do I import/export in the .wickobj format? I can only import/export as .wick files. thanks

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Hi Marco,

We haven’t added an interface button for this yet. At the moment, you can export .wickobj’s by pressing ctrl + e when selecting your clip.

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Hi Luxapodular, thank you!
I have another problem: I can only export wickobject, but I can’t import it into the project … is there another key combination?



@kappa You should be able to import wickObjects using the asset import at the bottom right (the same button used for bringing in images.) Let me know if that works for you!

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Yes, it works! thank you so much!

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will the built in assets work when exported since they need code? even with html export, would the vcam still move around, or will it stay the same since the browser might not know how to resize and pan?

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Interactive export (zip archive) doesn’t work on any of PC/Macs I have. After downloading .zip, unpacking and running index file, only “loading 100%” is shown on the screen and nothing goes on



Open the index.html file via server. You can use the python server for example



Hey @Sergey_Bratarchuk, welcome to the forums! @kappa is correct, you’ll need to use a server to play your project with the .zip file. (This was due to some browser security updates, nothing we can do about this unfortunately :confused:)

Take a look at this post “My project doesn't load” for the easiest way I’ve found to do this.

Otherwise, it is possible to run your interactive projects without a server using the .HTML export option on the test version of wick editor. On test.wickeditor.com , use the HTML option and you can one-click open your project!


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