-Wick Editor Alpha Update-


( I am not trying to put down or offend the wick creators at all in any way.) (I am just trying to give constructive feedback.)

Hi, I tested out the new alpha version of Wick. I took the time to test every tool out and I spent an hour or so drawing. As I used the new version of wick I did notice a flaw in the design.

The new design of the software seems a bit odd if you are using a laptop or desktop. It feels almost like it would be meant for a mobile device which just makes it kind of weird to use. I really like the older design which feels very proffesional. The older version just felt like you had more control and it also felt more stable. The new version doesnt have this feeling. The new version feels exactly like every other mobile drawing app. It doesnt look like a software that would alllow for making complex games and animation. It feels cheap. In my opinion, design wise, it seems like a downgrade from what you had before.

Again, this was not to bash the Wick creators or make them upset. I am just saying my opinion.
I love the Wick Editor and I want to continue to use it.


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Hi there @Animator786!

Thanks for the feedback - it’s actually really helpful when people give detailed notes like this.

Hopefully what you’re running into right now is due to the missing features in the current Alpha version. It still has a long way to go; among other things, we still have to add:

  • Clips and buttons
  • The full scripting system
  • The rest of the zoom and pan options
  • Tweens
  • The text tool
  • …and many other things

Once the alpha editor has all of the features that the current editor has, I think it will start to feel a lot more like a proper, powerful tool.

Another thing you mentioned is the interface looking too much like a mobile app - I think our new interface system is making many of the icons too large, which can actually be very annoying because they end up taking up a lot of screen space. I will look into shrinking the interface for desktop mode ASAP.

And of course, please feel free to give any suggestions and post any ideas you have for the new editor here, we definitely want to make sure the new editor is as good as possible for mobile and desktop!!

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