Wick Editor is a bad software


I uploaded the HTML5 Animation, I showed it to everybody but people like it. Unfortunately, I got blammed on Newgrounds.

I saw the Wick Jam Winners but Wick Games are not working. Game Developers didn’t have the Frontpage.


@Luxapodular, We need good software like a Toon Boom Harmony. You need to fix browsers.



I don’t think Wick is bad software, it’s just not finished yet. The developers are working hard to fix the bugs that were reported during the game jam.

I don’t know how frontpaging works, but my game probably doesn’t have a high enough view count or rating for it (likely due to the fact that it doesn’t work on all browsers).

If you uploaded your animation to the Games category, it might have gotten blammed because people were expecting a game, not just an animation. You might have to use a screen recorder like OBS to record the animation playing (with sound) and then crop the video. (Make sure you’re playing it big enough that the quality is acceptable.)
If you uploaded it to Movies, Newgrounds users might have mistaken it for spam since it refused to load, and they couldn’t watch it.

If you decide to resubmit, make sure you attach a well-made thumbnail and description, and make it clear that the project might not work in all browsers. Also remember to tag and rate it appropriately, and don’t include any assets you don’t have the right to use.

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Hey @AngryDuck16,

We definitely had some slip ups throughout the Wick Game Jam on Newgrounds. This next update we have planned should fix quite a few of these problems, including blurry projects, and projects not working in other browsers.

Also, we’re working to get the video exporter up and running so that you can export videos, rather than HTML5 projects, for your animations. In the mean time, screen recording or exporting a gif and conveting it to a video should work!

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