Wick Editor laggier not as usual

Yesterday my wick editor was working just as fine, but somehow Wick Editor today is way laggier.
First of all, when I try to drag something, it goes into edit mode. I know you can do that with double click but I wasn’t.
Second, the select rectangle disappears from time to time.
Third. I click the timeline of a object, then for like a millisecond it shows the project timeline. I know this is a bug that barely happens but today, happens WAY too much.

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That’s odd, try using the test editor and let us know if you have the same issues there

is the wick test less laggier?

Those kind of things are associated to your PC and web browser, not with the editor itself.

did you have anything installed that you did not have before it start lagging a lot?

I ahve the same problem too! thats why i dont draw with wick anymore. i have a graphic tablet and all my courves so soo sharp! and everything is so slow. and most of rhe time i use my graphic tabletz on my Gaming PC and that one is good enough to play most of the stuff in Full graphics and i can ender 4K videos in no time so i ithink it is an wick issue not our’s

You said Gaming PC? Are you using the Downloadable Versions like the ones for Windows and Mac if so it is an issue on those versions not the online editor. The computer I use wick editor on is a Chromebook an my Chromebook is not very fast so it could be an issue on Fast Devices

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Reply already i can see you typing

Sometimes I use the downloaded version. But I always run into annoying bugs. I love the wick editor but sadly in the current state only ongoing projects keep me here as soon they are done I will sadly search for a more reliable option.