Wick for webdesign?


Hi guys ! Can I use Wick to make interactive websites ? Is there a way to have buttons with hyperlinks possibilities ?


hi muad: umm… no you cannot make websites with this. this is for animation.


Hi there!

It’s definitely possible to make websites with Wick! Making hyperlinks is a bit confusing though - here is some code that will take you to a URL:

function mousePressed () {
    window.location.href = 'http://www.wickeditor.com/'


Cooool! Good to know…
I hope wick is going to have “href” fonctions in the next releases… I think a lot of people are looking for a simple open-source “flash-like” tool to make interactive, graphic and creative websites… Wick just have to be a little more “web oriented” to be what a lot of flash nostalgic webdesigners are looking for !!
Good job anyway :wink:
I hope you will carry on with this project…V1.0 is going to be an ass-kicking app !

EDIT: By the way, are there any “blank/parent page” options ?


I’ve tried to use you code snippet. It works on a button as is but If I change the URL to https://www.google.com/ nothing loads.

What am I doing wrong?