Wick for webdesign?


Hi guys ! Can I use Wick to make interactive websites ? Is there a way to have buttons with hyperlinks possibilities ?



hi muad: umm… no you cannot make websites with this. this is for animation.



Hi there!

It’s definitely possible to make websites with Wick! Making hyperlinks is a bit confusing though - here is some code that will take you to a URL:

function mousePressed () {
    window.location.href = 'http://www.wickeditor.com/'


Cooool! Good to know…
I hope wick is going to have “href” fonctions in the next releases… I think a lot of people are looking for a simple open-source “flash-like” tool to make interactive, graphic and creative websites… Wick just have to be a little more “web oriented” to be what a lot of flash nostalgic webdesigners are looking for !!
Good job anyway :wink:
I hope you will carry on with this project…V1.0 is going to be an ass-kicking app !

EDIT: By the way, are there any “blank/parent page” options ?



I’ve tried to use you code snippet. It works on a button as is but If I change the URL to https://www.google.com/ nothing loads.

What am I doing wrong?



Friends, I want to create a website to promote my coffee business. It is very important for me that, in general, the site looks in a loft style, there are classic vintage letters and fonts. What do you think? What advise in terms of web design? I was advised to pay attention to the Gapsy Studio web design studio https://gapsystudio.com/ Can someone make a gift with them?



Hey @Denis, while it’s possible to make a website for your business in Wick Editor, you may run into several issues with functionality across web and mobile. (We’re really mostly designed for games and animations). As Wick Editor is also in an alpha state right now, functionality is changing really quickly. Features may be removed or changed in a way that makes supporting a full website difficult.

If you’re okay with these concerns, I’d say try a few quick experiments in Wick Editor and see what you think. Otherwise, I’d recommend using a template solution on a site like Squarespace or Wix!



Don’t forget the quotes!