Wick is somehow dead


Hey… Has wick gone crazy for you? There is no timeline, but a black box in the corner. :unamused:

wHY aGaIn???


IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO! it was really slow for me and i had the same EXACT screen as that picture


fixed for me :smiley_cat:


Hey everyone,

If this happens to you, try performing a “Hard Refresh”. You can do this by holding down…

CTRL + SHIFT + R (Windows)
CMD + SHIFT + R (Mac)

Hopefully this will fix it!


Yeah, this hasn’t happend to me, so I think you just have to as Luxapodular said preform a “Hard Refresh”.
Because my wick is fine for me.
Hope your wick editor gets better so you can start animating again.


it works. probably the pc was messed up