Wick website update


After the Wick site updated, I went to use the legacy editor
and my auto save didn’t load like normal. Did it possibly get erased?



From my understanding, all the data you create is stored locally, so the good news is - it is not gone :slight_smile:

The bad news is, because the address changed from live.wickeditor.com to legacy.wickeditor.com, your data from live is not “connected” to legacy.

You would need to find a way to read the contents of your browser’s cache. You can find how to do this by googling your browser name + “read cache.” Hopefully the .wick file will be there :slight_smile:



Hey, thanks for the help man!

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You’re welcome - did you manage to recover it? :slight_smile:

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I make backup saves pretty often, so I ended up
using one of those and writing back what I had lost.
I didn’t see your reply until after I’d done that.
(Whoops) :sweat_smile:
But thanks anyway cause I’ve lost data before,
and now I know a way I can recover it.

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Really sorry about that - we actually didn’t think to prepare for this. @Von_Bednar is right in that saved data on webpages works on a per-URL basis, and since the URL changed, localStorage (what we use for autosave) is now pointing to a different place.

If you need help getting your file out of localStorage, let me know! I’d be happy to help. I’ll need to know what browser your using first of all.

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What I lost wasn’t a lot. It was just one or two
lines of code. I make frequent backups so I just re-wrote what little I
lost. Thanks for the extra insight though! And if it happens again
I’ll be sure to let you know!
Thanks again for the help guys! :smile: