new wick-er here! I just discovered, and delighted by the Power of Wick! WOW!
I’ve been experimenting with small scripts to make/pause and play animations.
For instance, I tried to pause/play the animation:

  that = this
      , 1000

For me, as a JS dev, that=this comes easily. But I can imagine that would not be the case for everybody. It might be fun to have a community wiki, where we could share snippets like this?

In any case: great work, and please keep it up!


Hi, good stuff!

There’s a Discord:

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@pwiegers Great idea! We’re actually looking to create some new documentation over the summer! Any suggestions for types of materials you’d like to see?

Hi @Luxapodular

not as such, I have only been working with Wick for one afternoon :stuck_out_tongue:
But I think the community could help each other in a bit more structured manner.

If you want to, I would be willing to help with the documentation btw. I write software too, so I know how timeconsuming documenting can be!



Wow @pwiegers thanks so much for the offer! Maybe we could use the Wiki functionality in github for this? Wick Editor is open source, so it may make sense!

Would love to know your thoughts as you use it a bit! Maybe we can get the community of Wiki additions started in this thread!

Hi @Luxapodular,

Would love to know your thoughts as you use it a bit! Maybe we can get the community of Wiki additions started in this thread!

I’m not sure this is the best route. The power of Wick, as I see it, is the low level of entry. Putting the wiki on GIT will create a higher bar than just a wiki without any other actions to go through if you want to add.
I feel that a plain wiki (without the neccessity to update via GIT) would be easier?



Good point on git. I do believe that the git wiki’s can be edited entirely from the web though, without need for any command line or special software!

From a dev perspective on our end, setting up a wiki right now would be a bit tough as we don’t have too many available hours. It may be a good idea to start here, and transfer the content to a full wiki in the future.

Regardless, we can always share the resources using the learn page, which should be super accessible.

Great idea @Luxapodular, @pwiegers, @nick . The editor has a lot of functionality, simple and advanced, that a simple wiki or online document would help new members, such as using Clips, code, buttons, layers etc. The videos on the site have been very helpful as well and would still be great to increase. What would be helpful IMO is a separate area with users work and examples. At the moment we have to search the forum site for examples.