Will I get banned by flagging my own post?

I can’t go more than 3 replies so I am forced to flag my own comment. Will I get banned if I flag my own post? Just asking

If you flagged your own post, and there’s nothing wrong in the post (it follows all the rules), then no, you won’t get banned, the post might only get removed.

(Correct me if I’m wrong anyone)
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I’ll receive a notification about the flag, but I’m not sure about you (@Dol_Boonsomchin ) not being able to do more than 3 replies… I haven’t seen that limitation earlier…

You haven’t? I thought everyone could see it.

i guess it’s referring to this or something like that. (look at the bottom)

(here’s where i got this: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/)

however, you’re at trust level 2, so i’m not sure why you have this limit still.


Hmmm. I’m confused but I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

The only way I think I could post things without limits is by getting a Forum Fighter member friended on discord so I can send some posts that he could send out.

But I’ll just have to deal with this for now.