You want to compete in a tournament

Hello there editors If any of you want to compete in an animation/game tournament in 5 days I send the website where you to upload your projects but before that, we need to talk about the rules

Rule 1: There are no rules in your creativity except your imagination (It needs to be appropriate).

Rule 2: No Malware or virus can be in the game.

Rule 3: Mods of previously existing games that are made in Wick editor are allowed

Rewards There are no rewards because if there were rewards it would make the competition toxic but the only reward is a PNG of one I made

Rewards: Best Music

            Best Gameplay
            Best Graphics
            Best Voice Acting

            Best Animation
            Best Game
            Best Story

That was all the rewards and oh I almost forgot the deadline for releasing and publishing is December 3

Sounds interesting, I might give this competition a try :+1:
Is there a specific theme for this competition or no?

There is no theme only fun

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